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Match Plan | Guideline

  1. Everybody could take part as a single participant as well as in a team of min. 3 people.
  2. In the 6 Regional Audit Qualifying Tournaments, we find out the 20 best participants, who then represent your region in the All Indian Audit Championship.
  3. Afterwards the Top 20 of each of the 6 Indian regions will play in the Indian Internal Audit Premier League. The Top 20 best players are then part of the Indian Audit national team and will represent India at the Asian Audit Championship and at the Global Audit Championship.
  4. 3 AWARD categories in each championship round: 1) MVP, 3 best auditors, 2) The 3 best teams, 3) Top 20 MVPs Qualification for the All Indian Audit Championship
  5. To be part of Audit Championship REGISTER in the dedicated region here below. Feel free to have a look also at the FAQ below.

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