Negotiation Skills for Auditors


In today’s complex international environment, internal auditors have to successfully overcome two major challenges: Achieving cooperation with audit clients AND navigating between your own position and the audit client’s position on findings and recommendations. By focusing on persuading, negotiating and building relationships entirely from an internal audit point of view, you will be better equipped to optimize cooperation, deal with difficult audit clients, and overcome resistance to findings, risk and recommendations.


  • Understand the interplay of audit, communication, language, culture and relationships so you can be more successful in any negotiation;
  • Create a strategy playbook so your position is clear and you are prepared for any objection;
  • Learn negotiation strategies and techniques to increase cooperation and prevent conflict so discussions over findings and recommendations are easier and shorter;
  • Refine your questioning and listening skills so you can get the information and answers you need, including non-verbal communication that tells the real story;
  • Learn facilitation language and skills so you successfully communicate no matter the format of the meeting.


  • Communicating in an audit environment
    • Presentation and discussion of relevant communication theories
    • The role of audit within the organisation and impact on communication
  • Influencing stakeholders
    • Getting clarity on stakeholders and their needs
    • Paint points, criticisms and challenges to achieving desired audit results
  • An effective report writing process
    • Impact of language and culture on audit report writing
    • Persuading in writing for auditors
    • Building efficiency into the current audit report writing process
    • Creating a culture of continuous improvement in report writing
  • Managing challenging situations
    • Preparing and delivering a presentation to senior management/the Board
    • Strategies to reduce discussion and increase agreement on findings and recommendations during meetings
    • Resolving disagreements and dealing with objections

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