Audit Report Writing


Writing an effective audit report means communicating key messages to your audit stakeholders, clearly, concisely and persuasively. It means writing recommendations that will be agreed, accepted, and acted upon. Learn key, proven techniques and strategies that thousands of auditors from Europe to America to South Africa have learned and put in place immediately following the workshop.

Program Objectives and Results:

  • Learn selected universal principles of writing in English that are specifically tailored to audit reports;
  • Write persuasive audit findings and recommendations that are easily agreed;
  • Identify own writing weaknesses;
  • Learn language dos and don’ts when writing audit reports.


  • Communication skills including questioning, listening and persuading.
  • Intangible skills including empathy and attitude.
  • Building rapport and relationships.
  • Communication theory and styles.
  • Strategizing for interviews and meetings.
  • Presenting yourself and internal audit.
  • Dealing with tricky situations and preventing escalation

Training Team

Audit-Championship is a university spin-off. We focus on networking between science and practice. Audit-Championship provides thought leadership and innovative methods to support its customers across all industries in digital transformation. We support audit departments globally as well as national Internal Audit associations with yearly 1.800+ training days and transformation services along an internal audit knowledge value chain.

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