Frequently asked questions | Technical support

In the ‘Console’ and ‘Network’ panel of your browser there are useful technical information that can help us resolve a game crash or stuck up with your network or device. The objective for this test is to locate possible errors in the code while in the website or applications.

To open this panel, simply follow these steps in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers (the recommended ones for a better user experience)

  1. To open the developer console window on Chrome, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J (on Windows) or Cmd + alt + J (on Mac) (you can also click the F12 button or right click with your mouse to inspect).
  2. The developer console window will open with technical data.
    • Important Note: If you want to open the developer console window separately, click on the 3 vertical dot button on the top right and select the first option to undock the console into a separate window.


  3. Keep the developer console window open in the background, access your game and continue until the game crashes.
  4. Review the developer console window and take a screenshot of the information you see in the ‘Console’ and ‘Network’ tab. This is the technical information that you have been asked to review your game session.


* How to eliminate all data in Chrome:

Click on the wrench icon located on the browser tool bar.
Select Tools.
Select the option Eliminate browsing data…
Select the verification boxes corresponding to the type of information you wish to delete.
Use the menu in the upper part to select the data you wish to delete. Select the beginning of time to eliminate everything.
Click on Eliminate browsing data.

* Instructions for Internet Explorer 11:

Select “Tools” (via the Gear Icon), click on “Safety” and select “Delete browsing history”.
Select the options you want to delete, make sure to check “Temporary Internet Files” then click “Delete”. ( You can leave the “From data” and “Passwords” if you prefer)

* Instructions for Safari:

Click on “Safari” and select “Preferences” from the menu bar.
In the following window, click the “Privacy” tab and select “Remove all Website Data”.
Click “Remove Now” in the pop up window that appears.
If you are using version 3 or previous version, click the Safari menu, select “Empty Cache” and click “Empty”.

* Steps to follow with Firefox:

Click the menu button and choose “Tools/Options”. (Edit/Preferences if you are using Linux)
Select “Advanced panel”.
Click on “Network” tab.
In the cached Web content section, click “Clear Now”.

Yes, you can change the language during the game. You can do so from the “Configuration” option on the main menu.

Yes, it is possible to do this by using the main menu (upper right corner of the screen) by clicking “Configuration”.

Inside the game, in each of the readings, you’ll see a “printer” icon in the upper right corner of the window.

For an optimal experience we recommend that our games are played on a PC or laptop. However, if you wish to play on a tablet or mobile, please make sure your machine meets the following requirements.


Recommendations to play from a mobile device:

  • We recommend that each user connects from the browser of their device (Safari for iPhone, Samsung browser for Samsung, etc.)
  • There are certain occasions where the game could get stuck loading or load partially. This may occur due to the poor connectivity or because many petitions are being received on the device at the same time. We recommend you refreshing the page (to avoid processes that may have been stuck)
  • Play clearing up your RAM memory. If a device is running low on RAM memory this could provoke the game to run slow or not load certain functionalities of the game. This is one factor that could allow a student to continue or not with the training course. The RAM is totally dependent upon the device itself as it might differ for each one as well as the possibility of clearing up the RAM memory. For example on a Samsung device, through the settings there is an option where you can clear the RAM memory just like you would do it on a computer.
  • It is most probable that one of the windows can open up with Chrome in full screen (usually a configuration problem of the device itself), the best way to deal with these cases is to exit the full screen mode and allow the window to open without any problem.

There are several reasons why it might happen. Please check that:

– Your sound card and loudspeakers are working properly . You can perform a quick technical test clicking on:

– The volume is properly adjusted (mute mode off).

– The firewall of your company is not blocking the access to the .mp3 (audio) or .flv (video) files of the game. Please contact your IT department or set our web page as “safe site”.

If you want to get in touch with the customer support team or your tutor, you can do it directly from the game.

  • Pacific

Click on the “Help” symbol [?] located on the left side of your screen and select “FAQs and Support“. Once you are in the help portal you can read our Frequently Asked Questions or submit a request.


You can also use the “Feedback” tab on the right side of the screen, in case you encounter with any issue playing the game or have any queries or problems to continue.


  • Triskelion

Click on the menu (the three dashes) on the top left corner of your screen and select “Help“. By clicking on this option you can review the game tutorials, access our FAQ or contact the customer support team directly.


  • Merchants

Click on the “Help” symbol [?] on the left side of your screen and you will access the options “Screen Elements“, “FAQ” or “Support” to get help or get in touch with us.


  • 2100

Click on the “Help” symbol [?] on the bottom left side of your screen and you will access the options “Screen Elements“, “FAQ” or “Support” to get help or get in touch with us.