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Didactic simulations for further education

  • Increase the motivation of your employees

  • Easy access via all end devices like tablet, PC or smartphone

  • Learn in up to 11 different languages

    German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish

Successfully shaping digital transformation

Direct application possibilities for vocational schools and educational institutions:

  • Learn and evaluate essential skills with a guaranteed high fun factor
  • Train with the Serious Business Games in realistic simulations
  • Awaken the trainees’ motivation to reflect on their behavior
  • Promote the joy of learning in the long term and at the same time strengthen the security in dealing with digital media
  • Discover many useful further impulses for your lessons, e.g. in the form of role plays, group work, thought experiments or multiple choice materials

For trainees, job starters and (working) students, learning scripts for the individual Serious Business Games are provided.

This enables the personnel development department to integrate the Serious Business Games directly into further education seminars in three steps:

  1. Ready-made teaching materials, presentations for the introduction to the learning medium Serious Business Games and didactic preparation for implementation
  2. During the sequential execution, cause-and-effect relationships on the one hand and individual game scenes in language and content meaning on the other hand can be analyzed
  3. Following the implementation, a learning script will be made available. Based on this, learning controls can also be carried out.

Due to the corporate content and the up to 11 languages, a wide range of applications is possible.

In the development process of the learners, the development of interdisciplinary competences is of particular importance. This involves the interaction of abilities and skills, personal and social dispositions and attitudes. This enables the learners to accept challenges in school, in their private and also in their future professional life, and to master them successfully and responsibly. The Serious Business Games with their simulations and individual learning paths actively contribute to strengthening the interdisciplinary skills of the new core curriculum in the four central areas:
1) personal competence, 2) social competence, 3) learning competence, 4) language competence

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