2023 Next steps AI Governance and Regulation

CPE registration Webinar: Next steps AI Governance and Regulation

  • Thursday, 19th October, 13:30 – 14:30 CET in GERMAN
  • Monday, 30th October, 10:00 – 11:00 CET in ENGLISH
  • Thursday, 02nd November, 15:00 – 16:00 CET in ENGLISH

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Take also part at the European Audit Championship | How does it work with the participation?

  • Each team member receives his own training licence. Each team member takes automatically part in the MVP individual competition and the team in the team competition.
  • The execution of the 2023 Asia Pacific Audit Championship takes place over a fixed period of two weeks: Start 24th July 2023.
  • The 12 Gamified trainings, which are already included with the respective Audit Grand Slam Tournament ticket, you can start immediately and receive your CPE certificate every month.
  • An important aspect is that you can participate at any time during these two weeks via any end-user device (mobile phone, tablet PC or laptop). You only need internet access. Participation is possible in hop-on and hop-off mode. That means you can also train for only 5 or 10 minutes and then continue later.
  • Each participant can attend time independently of the other participants in the Audit Championship. No one has to participate at the same time.
  • What are the technical requirements? You need only internet access and an internet browser to participate.

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Further Information and More Insights

Which gamified trainings are included?

Start right now, register by Saturday 09th November at the latest | Be fast and make sure you get the maximum access!
++ Get access to 14 trainings with a total of 35 CPE for 12 months.
++ Plus, including access to the 2023 European Audit Championship Training with 5 CPE, START 24th July 2023
++ So there is the possibility to use the training in 2023 and 2024, period of use max. 10th October 2024
++ The gamified trainings are available in up to 15 languages. All Serious Business Game Trainings are available in English, French, Spanish and German. Further languages are Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Bulgarian.

Preview and Insights

Platinum Cooperation Partner

European Audit Championship Training Package:

  • European Audit Championship Gamified Training | Fit for IT-Audit for Business Auditors

Accelerate Audit Team Performance Learning Path:

  • Ariana | Root-Cause Analysis and better decisions
    How to make better decisions during your internal audit engagements?
  • Countdown | Productive Remote Teamwork
    How to work more efficiently and goal-oriented in audit remote teams?
  • Crypto | IT-Security and Defense of Social Engineering
    Fit for Cyber Security? How can I, as an auditor, increase my fundamental knowledge in the area of defense against social engineering?
  • Titan | Audit Team Motivation
    How can you motivate your audit team to perform at their best?
  • Triskelion | Better Time and Engagement Management
    How can I complete my audit engagements on time with better time management?
  • ADA | Emerging Risk Audit Assessment Techniques
    How can we identify also weak risk signals on the audit risk radar screen?
  • Exclusive | ESG Assurance
    Get ESG insights and test your ESG audit knowledge in an exciting adventure

Strengthen your Audit Soft Skills Learning Path:

  • Allegro | Reach your goals effectively
    How to make better decisions during your internal audit engagements?
  • Chocolate | Influence and persuasion
    How do I manage to convince the auditees of my proposed solutions SOS | Emotion management
    How can I better mitigate an emotional topic and take the emotion out of an audit interview or audit exit meeting??
  • Tiki | Better and effective meetings
    How can I increase the output of my audit interviews and audit team meetings more effectively?
  • DEX| Emotional Intelligence for audit
    Emotional intelligence an important success factor for daily audit work
  • Zulu | Successful nonverbal communication
    How can I better read and interpret non-verbal communication during audit interviews?

Audit Ethic Learning Path:

  • Inclusion| Audit Soft Skills, Overcoming Prejudices, Bias and Stereotypes
    How to identify and manage unconscious biases? Practice handling prejudices and dismantling the stereotypes.

More information: Here you can DOWNLOAD a detailed training overview of all Serious Business Game Trainings.

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Why participate in the Audit Championship?

  1. You are interested in digital transformation and networking. Enhance the reputation of internal audit!
  2. Learn the latest Internal Audit Methodology-Know-how.
  3. Try Serious Business Game Training live and experience the motivating effect.
  4. Use the simulations to increase the learning speed.
  5. Think outside the box, learn SMART in disruptive times of digital transformation.

++ Watch the latest videos of the finalists of the audit national teams, click HERE
++ Follow the latest news and insights on LinkedIn, click here for direct forwarding
++ You like to see, what Top 5 Global Internal Audit Leaders say about the motivation of Gamified Training. Click HERE.

How do you make it work? What are the IT requirements?

  • The only thing you need is an end device with internet access, to use the business game training.
  • You can access our performance-optimised business game platform at any time, from anywhere in the world via your individual user profile.
  • The transfer performance is technically fastest with Google Chrome, or Firefox. Any internet browser will work.
  • For better performance and greater learning experience, please clear your cache memory in the internet browser in advance.
  • You can re-join at any time and also just train for 5 mins and return at the last spot in a hop-on, hop-off modus.

Match Plan | Guideline | European Audit Championship

  1. Everybody could take part as a single participant as well as in a team of 3 people. If you participate in a team, you automatically participate in the individual competition.
  2. In the Asia Pacific Audit Championship. Start on 10th November and finish on 24th November 2023.
  3. We will show continuously all MVP, the Top 20 Internal Auditors and Teams. Follow us for latest news on Linkedin. Click here.

What is driving the Audit Grand Slam Tour?

  • On each continent, there will be a Grand Slam tournament for internal auditors with an individual Serious Business Game training topic.
  • At each Audit Grand Slam Tournament, you can collect points for the worldwide Top 100 Internal Audit Ranking. The Top 20 ranked internal audit participants as well as the Top 10 audit teams will each receive ranking points for the Grand Final at the Global Audit Championship.
  • In 2023, seven Audit Grand Slam tournaments are planned in: Asia & Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and North America. You can earn ranking points at each of the tournaments.
  • The most successful in the Top 100 Internal Audit Ranking list will then receive an invitation to the annual Internal Audit World Cup: The Global Audit Championship.


The serious business game training “Emerging Risk Assessment Techniques” has been designed especially for the 2023 Asia Pacific Audit Championship. Gamification storyline: Our main protagonist is in a race with a Generic AI. There are numerous challenges to overcome and risks to analyse. In this race of emerging risk, there can only be one winner. Show what you are made of! 7 audit methodology training sessions (within the audit business game) prepare you for the big final training level (within the audit business game).

Audit Champion trains and tests your Internal Audit know-how! You will receive 7 training sessions on different internal audit methodology topics. In these topics you will be challenged during the gamified training and prepared for the grand finale in the Serious Business Game Training: Audit Champion.

The Audit Championship is a unique learning experience. During the Serious Business Game Training at the 2023 Asia Pacific Audit Championship, your know-how and skills will be trained in the following areas, among others:

  • Audit Risk Assessment Know-how
  • Prelude: Emerging risks
  • Creation of a new audit risk atlas
  • The Known-Unknown in the Johari Window Methodology
  • BANI replaces the VUCA Risk Assessment Technique
  • Cause-and-effect chains bow-tie risk assessments
  • The analytical interconnectedness of decentralized events
  • ESG risks on the audit risk radar
  • Integration of risks into state-of-the-art GRC/audit risk software
  • Evolving as an employee by creating meta-competencies
  • Summing up final dialogue with outlook new audit risk assessment techniques.

Strong risk fluctuations due to new geopolitical risks and their impact on global supply chains require more advanced audit analysis and dynamic audit planning design. Global networking influences closely timed international logistics chains, and shorter product cycles strongly influences corporate business models and demand a timely and forward-looking internal auditing.
New audit approaches are necessary to analyse cause-effect chains more foresightedly and to identify “emerging risks” earlier. In doing so, it is not only necessary to apply techniques that are capable of recognizing “gray swans”, but also to identify and evaluate new emerging risk combinations in the form of so-called “black swans” as early as possible. In order to be up to this task, new employee qualifications in analytical thinking in the form of meta-competencies must be promoted in addition to methodological tools such as bow-tie risk assessments.
In this Audit Championship, Gamified Training you will learn analysis techniques for emergent risks as well as their integration into a dynamic audit process design or audit planning.

Be part of it! Be part of something bigger! Audit Championship!

When does the Global Audit Championship start?

Kick-off is from 24th July until the close of play on 07th August 2023. The award ceremony will take place on 09th August.

Watch Top 5 Global Internal Audit Leaders

What are the advantages for you and your team?

++ Earn 35+ CPEs in 2023 and 2024 | Use the 14 gamified trainings during a 12-month term.
++ Learning must be FUN! | More engaging learning yields more motivation.
++ On demand | For you to choose, anytime, anywhere at your personal learning speed.
++ Experiential learning | You get instant takeaway of knowledge for use in the workplace.
++ Smart Learning | The Internal Auditors of today require changing competencies.
++ Technology is a game changer | Serious Business Game Training permits for global learning in multiple languages. All Gamified trainings are always available in English, Spanish, French and German. In addition, we already offer numerous in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian.

The Power of Gamified Training

Characteristics of Serious Business Game Training
+ Use the simulations for experience-based learning.
+ Flexible, intuitive to use, fast and easy to train.
+ Learn with game based didactic methods.
+ Applicable and practical audit contents.
+ Results-oriented learning with revolutionary gamification technologies.
+ Exciting gamification storylines facilitate targeted learning.
++ A unique learning experience!

Gamified Training Methodology:

The developed game-based learning methodology is a combination of 3 elements:

  • Experiential learning: High quality content equivalent to an on-site course, with a strong practical focus that is useful and directly applicable to the internal audit work.
  • The use of gamification techniques in terms of story telling, ranking motivation, scoring, different learning and game levels, and incentives through recognition and awards. This makes the training a motivating and exciting learning experience. This directly promotes the intrinsic motivation to learn on your and your employees’ side.
  • Practical exercises that allow you as a participant to practice directly in safe and motivating environment and to implement the practical audit knowledge. You will receive detailed feedback in the form of individual learning loops.

FAQ about the Audit Championship | Audit Grand Slam Tour 2023

++ What are the technical requirements?
You need only internet access and an internet browser to participate. Optimally Google Chrome, since the performance is best.

++ When does the Asia Pacific Audit Championship start? | Kick-off

  • Asia & Pacific: 24th July until 07th August 2023
  • Middle East: 01st June until 15th June 2023
  • Europe: 10th November until 24th November 2023
  • Latin America: First quarter 2024
  • North Americas: First quarter 2024
  • Africa: Second quarter 2024
  • Internal Audit World Cup | Audit Grand Slam Finals: Third quarter 2024

++ Who can participate?
It is an open tournament with the goal of spotlighting the reputation and digital relevance of internal auditing. Everybody could take part as a single participant as well as in a team of 3 people. If you participate in a team, you automatically participate in the individual competition.

++ Do I have to attend the Audit Grand Slam Tournament at a certain time?
You can participate completely time and location independent during the two weeks of each continental Audit Grand Slam Tournament, when it suits you best, whether in the morning at 8:00 or after lunch or in the evening on the sofa. …till the end of the Audit Grand Slam Competition period, please see the overview.

++ We are looking for the best Internal Auditors! Where can I see the latest information?
Please follow us on Linkedin. Click here. We continuously show the latest rankings with the best Internal Auditors, the best placed on each continent and of course the Top 10 best internal auditors worldwide.

++ What is a Serious Business Game Training? and how does that work?
Please see short films and insights, click HERE. or watch some of the great YouTube movies at our success TV portal.

++ How many internal auditors are a team?
Always 3 Internal Auditors can form a team and register together. Alternatively, this can be done afterwards via our Customer Success Team.

++ When will the grand final of the Audit Grand Slam Tour take place?
The grand final will take place Third Quarter 2024. The Top 50 Internal Auditors worldwide and the Top 20 Teams will participate in the Grand Final of the Audit Grand Slam Tour.

++ For warm-up, can I try out a gamified training before the Audit Championship starts?
Yes, your Audit Grand Slam training package includes additional 14 Gamified trainings that you can start immediately upon purchase. So just try it out in advance and get a good feeling for gamified trainings.

Preview and Insights

Conditions and Price

This is a VIP cost-free invitation based on the Platinum Cooperation with Anchoram Consulting.

Strategic Think Tank in digitalization of audit business education

The Audit Research Center is a university spin-off. We focus on networking between science and practice. Audit-Championship provides thought leadership and innovative methods to support its customers across all industries in digital transformation. We support audit departments globally as well as national Internal Audit associations with yearly 1.800+ training days and transformation services along an internal audit knowledge value chain.
Today, we are trusted cross-functionally by more than 495,000 end-users in 15 languages. The Serious Business Game trainings are a unique opportunity to combine motivation with digital transformation in the training sector.

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