IIA global positive: Gamified Training, this is how you learn today!

Smart Learning, effective auditing expertise in the world of digital transformation

Today, modern internal audits with their assurance services support executive management with decision-relevant information. In a world of digital transformation, new forms of communication and interaction are required, as well as new learning and thinking structures, the characteristics of which cannot be trained in linear but only in networked learning environments.

In this context, we are pleased to present: the essay by Dr. Rainer Lenz and Dr. Dominik Foerschler on Serious Business Games Training: The Internal Audit Game, published in the renowned journal of the IIA Global. Please feel free to have a look directly: Internal Auditor Magazine (theiia.org)

  • Gamified Training

    The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. The digitalisation of living and working environments is changing our society and thus also the way we learn. Under these conditions, audit work is becoming even more process-oriented, interconnected and with a more holistic audit focus.

  • European Audit Championship 2021

    Under these didactic conditions and his learning experience, Dr. Rainer Lenz says:

    Time is ripe to get serious about GAMIFICATION in INTERNAL AUDIT. I had a great time playing MARS Audit Training. LEARNING internal auditing CONTENT, combined with FUN and healthy COMPETITION is an excellent combination. I very much look forward to the EURO Audit Championship 2021.

Serious Business Games Training

To optimally prepare employees for the challenges of daily work in simulations, Dr. Dominik Foerschler says

Serious Business Games Training is a successful solution alongside other virtual learning formats! Gamified training enables not only Generation Y and Z, but also the current generation of digital immigrants to be adequately trained and further advanced for their qualification profile. At the same time, there are also great opportunities to effectively shape the knowledge transfer of employees from one generation to the next with individually programmed digital learning. For example, ADA and MARS Training.”

Today more than 350,000 end users in 12 languages trust us in Serious Business Games Training. Please have also an easy look at our gameplay TV as well as client use cases.